The Management Team


Drs Goumain and Gouault-Bironneau began their careers in famous/big Universities in the United States and in England and teamed up for the first time in Professeur Charles Portella’s team in the university of Reims.

Quickly, the two women joined together and founded the company Innov’Orga. Their initiative was rewarded twice in 2007 and 2008 during the National Competition of Support to creation of Innovative Technology Companies (Ministry of Research) in the categories “Emergence” and “Création-développement”.


Drs Sophie Goumain

Drs Sophie Goumain

The wealth of her experiences in numerous sectors of the organic chemistry and its perfect knowledge of the branch of industry allows her to manage with expertise all the projects confided(entrusted) by customers (of the company Innov’ Orga).

  • Chemical Engineer (INSA Rouen)
  • PhD in organic chemistry at the University of Rouen

  • PhD subject: The synthesis of new functionalized cyclopropylphosphonates. 

After three years in UK as researcher within the laboratory of Professor Aggarwal at the University of Bristol then as principal scientist at Tocris Cookson Ltd, Sophie Goumain joined the laboratory of Professor Charles Portella at the University of Reims. 


Drs Sonia Gouault-Bironneau

Drs Sonia Gouault-Bironneau

Her experience within laboratories specialized in fluorine organic chemistry confers her an expertise which allows her to synthesize new fluorinated products with efficiency and therefore to meet the expectations and objectives of the customers of Innov’Orga.

  • PhD in organic chemistry at the University of Caen

  • PhD subject: Synthesis of new fluorinated thionucleoside precursors

Sonia Gouault-Bironneau began her career in the United States at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln then in Texas Christian University. After two years, she joined the team of Professor Charles Portella at the University of Reims.